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Home Staging by Rosalee Sirgany for our Sellers

If your home is on the market or you are considering selling, professional Home Staging by Rosalee will prepare your home for  a successful sale.

Home Staging is the art of  arranging furnishings and decorating your home so that others can easily see themselves happily living in, what could soon be, their new home!

It will be designed  so that people will feel welcome and at ease in the home, with clearly-defined spaces suitable to their needs. These spaces will be prepared  to assist  in bringing in success, abundance and joy, for you and the new owners as well.

Rosalee will work with you to make the changes that are needed in order to make your home more warm and inviting, and often more spacious-looking, facilitating a quicker sale.
Rosalee has a long history of successful staging.

Rosalee has been  successfully Staging Homes for almost 20 years. In many cases she has helped to transform homes which have been on the market  for as  long as 18 months with no offers, to vibrant spaces receiving multiple offers just a few days later.  And best of all, Rosalee can achieve these impressive  transformations in in as little as one or two hours.  


By re-arranging furnishings and accessorizing, she makes the homes more appealing to the widest number of potential buyers, increasing your opportunity to sell.

Her unique approach to Home Staging  also includes Feng Shui (the ancient Chinese art of placement) & energetic clearing of your home using time-honored Native American methods. 

Rosalee’s easily-accomplished changes will enhance & revitalize the energy flow for a difference that you will see and feel, helping to sell your home quicker and easier.


"It's really the combination of good, sound design  and decorating principles, and all of these  other ancient techniques which make my Home Staging as successful as it has been," says Rosalee. "This is work I truly enjoy because it makes such an immediate difference in the way a home looks and feels."
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Following are some Before and After Photos of Rosalee's Home Staging:


Call  us today, and let Rosalee help to transform your home and give you the advantage in a competitive market.

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